The STEM Weighted Course Directory lists approved courses by eligible institution, the effective beginning term the course is approved, and the effective ending term to indicate the last term the course is approved. If a course is listed with an ending term of 2099, the course is currently approved without a set ending term for the additional weight.

Sample HOPE GPA Calculation with STEM

Course Credit Hours Grade Received STEM Weight Grade Value Quality Points
MATH 1502 3 C 0.5 2.5 7.5
ENGL 201 3 A N/A 4 12
Total: 6       19.5

Term GPA: 19.5/6 = 3.25

These courses, taken at an eligible postsecondary institution, will have an additional weight of 0.5 added to grades of B (3.0), C (2.0) and D (1.0).  Grades of A and F do not qualify for the additional STEM weight.    

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