Degree Audits and Awarding

The Degree Awarding process includes three degree audit reviews of academic records. Questions regarding results should be emailed.

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Initial Audit

The Initial Audit is a first review of progress toward degree completion. It is usually completed within four to six weeks from the time of graduation petition submission. Results will include the details of remaining requirements for graduation toward the degree.

Interim Audit

The Interim Audit is a second review of progress toward degree completion. Interim Audit review begins after registration closes and is completed by mid-term of the graduation term. If completion of scheduled KSU courses will not satisfy KSU residency requirements, student’s graduation date will be changed to the next semester. Results of this review will be communicated to student through “Display Petition Status Link” in Owl Express and through notes in Degree Works. Any problems that are noted during this review should be resolved before the last day to withdraw without academic penalty.

Final Audit

The Final Audit is the last review of progress toward degree completion. It determines eligibility of the degree. Final audit review begins after submission of final grades. A grade is required for all classes taken and recorded on the academic transcript, even if the course is not required for the degree. A candidate will not be certified to graduate with incomplete grades.

Degree Awarding

Degrees will be awarded to eligible graduates within four to eight weeks of graduation. Diplomas are mailed to the mailing address submitted at the time of petitioning. For any changes to the diploma mailing address, contact the Office of the Registrar.
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