What is a Living-Learning Village (LLV)?

LLVs are specialized residential communities designed to integrate academic and social experiences for students who share common interests or academic pursuits. These villages are organized around a specific theme, major or academic program, creating a cohesive environment that fosters collaborative learning, personal development and a sense of community.

How do I apply for a Living-Learning Village?

First-Year students wishing to take advantage of the benefits of a Living-Learning Village should indicate interest when applying for Housing in the Housing Portal. Within the 2024-25 Housing Application, students have the option to indicate their interest in one Living-Learning Village based on their campus and classification. For First-Year students only, the last day to express interest in participating in a Living Learning Village through the Housing Portal for the 2024-25 academic year is March 1, 2024. After this date, students are welcome to apply for housing, but will not be eligible to participate in an LLV.  

For more information about the Housing Application, please visit the First-Year or Upper Class Housing Application pages.

Some LLVs require students to go through an application and screening process in addition to the Housing Application. The approval processes and qualifications for these communities are determined by our campus partners. Students must apply with the department/college and the LLV to be admitted to the LLV. Students who are interested in living in any of these LLVs are highly encouraged to complete their Housing Application and the departmental/college-specific application as early as possible.  


Engineering students participating in the annual Pumpkin Launch


Contact: ksuhousing@kennesaw.edu

The Engineering Community offers First-Year students enrolled in (or interested in enrolling in) an engineering major a living environment that enhances their connection with the Engineering program at Kennesaw State University, in an engaged social setting. Students who choose the Engineering community have opportunities to connect with faculty and alumnae in the field of engineering, and live in close proximity to peers for forming study groups.

This community requires an Engineering Major and acceptance into the Engineering LLV (via demonstrating interest in the Housing Application) in order to reside in the community.



Honors Application or Honors Experience Questions: honors@kennesaw.edu
Housing Questions: ksuhousing@kennesaw.edu

Requires approval from the Honors College to reside in the community. Students who indicate interest on their housing application will be forwarded to the Honors College for approval.

When you decide to live in the Honors Living-Learning Village at Kennesaw State, you are choosing to live in a community of dedicated scholars, just like yourself. The Honors community is a collaborative effort between the Honors College and the Department of Housing and Residence Life. By residing in this living-learning environment, students are able to live with others who thrive on an academically rigorous curriculum. While living together, residents are able to share similar experiences and rely on each other for academic and personal support. In the Honors community, our residence halls are truly an extension of the classroom with a dedicated space to study and interact in the building.

This community requires acceptance to the Honors College and the Honors LLV (via demonstrating interest in the Housing Application) in order to reside in the community.

Female student living in the Honors LLV

Student Success Programs (SSP) LLV

SSP Program Questions: Visit the SSP website
Housing Questions: ksuhousing@kennesaw.edu 

Students who are members of Achieve Atlanta, Reach Georgia, Coca-Cola Scholars, Thrive, and/or RRPG qualify to be a part of the SSP LLV student experience. As part of the SSP LLV, you will get a more intentional experience with additional programs and special SSP-specific excursions in Georgia and out-of-state. It does not cost anything extra to join the SSP LLV, and this will not change your on-campus living assignment.

To learn more about SSP, visit their website.