Early Move-In Day

Saturday, August 5, 2023 | 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Check-In Locations

Kennesaw | University Village Center, Building 6000
Marietta | Housing Office, Building R10

Early Move-In Eligibility

If you are participating in "The Marching Owls," you must register for marching band auditions before July 10 to be eligible for early Move-In. You will select a Move-In arrival time through the Housing Portal when your time ticket opens. Please choose an arrival time between August 9 and 11 for Kennesaw Campus residents and August 10 or 11 for Marietta Campus residents.

Housing and Residence Life will receive a list of students participating in "The Marching Owls" on July 25. Participants will then be tagged as marching band students and emailed early Move-In information. Once you are designated as a marching band student in the Housing Portal, you will be able to see Move-In times on Saturday, August 5. You can then follow the instructions for rescheduling Move-In arrival times to cancel your current arrival time and select a new one.

Early Move-In Time Tickets

Move-In arrival time ticket selection will begin the first week of July and continues until all available times are chosen. You can view your time ticket for choosing a Move-In arrival time in the Housing Portal. Your time ticket assignment is based on when you signed your license agreement in Step 1 of the Housing Application. Visit our Move-In webpage for step-by-step instructions for selecting or rescheduling your Move-In arrival time.

If you are unsure about your status, please see the chart below to determine your next steps:

I Am... I Need To...
A student who has a confirmed housing reservation and wants to let Housing and Residence Life know I am a marching band student in need of an early Move-In time. Register for marching band auditions before July 10. Housing will receive a list on July 25 and will contact you about moving in early.
A student who does not have a housing reservation and I am on the housing waitlist. Register for marching band auditions before July 10. We will contact you if a room becomes available.
A student who does not have a housing reservation, and I am not on the housing waitlist.
  1. Visit the Housing Portal to start the Housing Application and add yourself to the waitlist as soon as possible.
  2. Register for marching band auditions before July 10.
A current marching band resident moving to a new room for 2023-24. My Move-Out date is July 29, and I want to stay late/move into my new room before August 5. Please make alternative housing arrangements from July 29 to August 5.